Anonymous whispered: i had the biggest crush on this girl. like i dont know her and ive seen her twice in my life. she rode the the same train i did. in those two days we had a lot of eye contact, and i had a feeling that she wanted to talk to me as much. i was about to go and approach her but the thought of "why would u approach a stranger" came to me and i chickened out and end up just lettng her go. that was 3 months ago, i never saw her since, or got over it. how weird

If it’s meant to be, i believe you’ll see her again. I really hope you do. And when it does happen, don’t miss out on the second chance because you know friendship starts with being strangers :) oh and yeah i just looove eye contacts ahaha

lets share girl crush stories :)

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(´Д`) tiffany why

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you two certainly are an interesting pair. 

90-95/100 pics of Taeyeonssi~

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bts of the gayest photoshoot ever ft the blonde straight member
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